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               TickTrack Technologies Ltd.

We have been operating and providing our services with excellent customer satisfaction, in Sweden, Lebanon, Angola and Nigeria. We are dedicated to provide advanced information technology in the area of Fleet management and Vehicle Tracking.

 We deploy a superior and innovative technology in vehicle tracking and fleet management across the country.

 Whether it is Fleet management or Car track option you chose, we will provide you with a service second to none in the nation.

Our Services

  •  Enables fleet managers to see a live the entire fleet's location.
  • Almost real time information enables a fleet manager to make informed decisions.
  • Knowing they are monitored, enhance employee productivity.
  • Schedule offloading or arrivals, manage trips & employees, minimise vehicle down-time.
  • Minimise misuse e.g excessive idling, over speeding, unauthorised trips and stoppages.
  • Reports on all activities (status, distance, speed, etc.).
  • Replay on vehicle movement.

March 29, 2012

Our new website is launched
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